Ostriches - An Example of Report Text


            An ostrich is the largest living bird in the world. It can’t fly at all. Ostriches are so big that it has become impossible for them to fly. They still have wings, but these look like big fans and they are not strong enough to lift them into the air. Instead of flying, ostriches run. They have very powerful legs and can run almost as fast as a racehorse. They often hold their wings straight out to help keep their balance as they run.

            Ostriches live in the dry parts of Africa. They wander round in large flocks, looking for food. They usually eat plants, but sometimes they eat small reptiles. Because they live on dry plains and deserts, they often have to search for water. But they can go for a long time without drinking if they have enough green plants to eat.

            A male ostrich is a good father and shares the work of caring for the young. He makes the nest by scooping out of shallow pit in the sand. He then sits down in it. The mother ostrich lays the eggs in front of him and he pushes them under his warm body. He then incubates the eggs each day from late afternoon until early the next morning. The mother incubates them the rest of the time.
When the babies hatch, both the father and mother look after them. In time of danger, both parents protect the young. If a dangerous animal appears, one parent may attack it, while the other leads the young ones to safety. An ostrich can fight very well if it has to. A kick from one of its big, two-toed feet can rip open a lion’s body.

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